Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

Police and Fire Blotter - May 2017

This issue of the Police and Fire Blotter is rather short due to issues with the my.secondlife.com feed not posting photos for anyone. Hopefully next month will be better. As always, if something happens that you think should be included in the blotter, feel free to message the Chief of Police by either dropping a note in one of the Bay City Postal Mailboxes, leaving a message using any NorPhone at (496) 427-4637, or by sending ThomasHooker Resident a message or notecard.

May 13th, Argos - Nearby residents were shocked as what appeared to be a traffic stop near the Shoppes on Route 66 turned into a high speed pursuit. An officer was driving by the shopping center when he noticed a truck parked on the sidewalk. When the officer approached, alarms started going off at the Bank of Bay City. The suspect climbed into the truck and led the officer on a high speed pursuit down Route 66. The suspect was arrested after crashing in Barnstable and attempting to outrun a k9.

May 13th, Barnstable - A truck crashed into a canal wall and caught on fire after the owner jumped out during a police pursuit. The Bay City Fire Department was called to the scene and the fire was put out with minimal damage to the wall and surrounding property. What remains of the now charbroiled truck was impounded by the Bay City Police Department. The suspect was treated for injuries including a dog bite and was released into police custody. A paramedic was overheard commenting "Even us Igors know that when they say 'Stop or you will get bit' it's best to stop, especially when the chasing dog is Ullock..."

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