In Other News by ADudeNamed Anthony

In Other News by ADudeNamed Anthony

Cars Have Seat Belts Now

So, here we are in 1952 and some cars now have seat belts.

It seems that folks are becoming paranoid about auto safety these days. I don't know what the big deal is. Cars are made of heavy metal. We are pretty safe. It's not like most cars have a fiberglass body.

Cars are pretty big too. There is plenty of room. Who would make a car compact?

What's next? Inflatable pillows coming out of the steering wheel? Those are destined to malfunction. Mark my words.

I drove a car here in Bay City. It had no seat belts. I flipped the car over several times and stayed centered in the seat unharmed. I didn't even fall out. I also drove at the bottom of the canal and didn't drown, but that's something else.

So enjoy your "safer" cars. At least we still have fins on the fenders.

Telling it like he sees it:
ADudeNamed Anthony

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