Bay City Cruisin' with "Deadline" Dakota Schwade

Bay City Cruisin' with Dakota Schwade

August 2017

Bay City changes with regularity. Here today, gone tomorrow. Which works well for me because I would have very little to share with you if things were stable. This trip through town revealed these destinations of interest.


1 - Belle's Botanical Bed & Breakfast
Bay City - Handa

This recently opened bed and breakfast can be "A cozy 'Home Away From Home' located in the heart of gentrified Handa, Bay City (100% PG)."

The rooms and grounds are expertly decorated, and there is off-street parking. What more can you ask for?


2 - Anchor Skybox Rentals
Bay City - Truro

One method to "get away from it all" involves being above it all. In Second Life this means that you will be spending some quality time occupying a floating home in the sky.


3 - Time of Your Life
Bay City - Orleans

Another one of our Japanese neighbors owns these brick structures and an open-air plaza providing light refreshments from trolley car stands.


4 - Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC)
Bay City - Moosehead

If you did not see it at the recently concluded SL14B birthday celebration, this is the exhibit the VRC had on display. It was designed to highlight their various locations using "Place Pages," which were made available earlier this year.

This is literally a pixel's throw from the Bay City Community Center.


Until next time, happy motoring!

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